Wednesday, June 25, 2014

WomaN: New Poems available this week

This year poet B. Biesek (pen name Born Before) will self-publish a poetry chapbook in each of the first 52 weeks of the year; this project, dubbed One Year More Poems, is an attempt to focus, for the bard, on both quality and quantity in his verse. He anticipates giving up writing poems as of December 2014. Since 2007, Biesek has placed poems for publication in about 20-25 publications and been featured in print and person.

For now, OYMP presses on with this, the 26th chapbook in the 52-chaps series. "WomaN: New Poems," is a set of 9 "felt" poems, "call and response" by the poet to his immediate surroundings. A New Theorem Press Chapbook; PDF, 28 pp. $1.00 via PayPal [Click This Link to lead to Purchase]. (Chapbook will be emailed to you soon after your purchase.)

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

OYMP 22 chapbook out now, and more

Poet Born Before (a.k.a. Benny Biesek; Director, New Theorem Press) presses on with One Year More Poems, a weekly chapbook series in 2014, now in its 22nd week. This week, Born publishes (thru NTP) “Jack Raymond: New Poems.” Says the poet, "the poems operate at two levels, as a way to honor my lineage and a way to progress further as a poet, as more and more I seek innovate touches to poetry, at least my own poetry." 8 poems, including Quality And I, Successful At An Early Age and EZ Rap-ound. PDF Chapbook, 18 pages. For more, please visit the Catalogue, still under renovation, here.

Consider applying for a Micro Grant for writers through New Theorem Press; ten fifteen-dollar grants to be awarded this coming Autumn. For more about the grants program, visit the page linked here.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

OYMP1 : FUNNY H0W M0N3Y available

The first chapbook in the 52-chapbooks One Year More Poems series by author/artist Born Before (B. Biesek), "FUNNY H0W M0N3Y: New Poems" is a set of darkly chaotic poetry written and self-published around December 2013 (official publication date of January 1, 2014). The poetry is perhaps the most caustic and aggressive in this chapbooks series to date, and draws heavily on hip-hop culture and classical music, in particular Vivaldi's 4 Seasons. That said, the poems are oft concise and meant simply as a window into the poet's psyche.

The chapbook, as with all the OYMP chapbooks, is in PDF form; originally priced at $1.00, the chapbook is still available for $1.00 and can be ordered here.

-Notes by Director

Saturday, May 24, 2014

OYMP continues on, and more

Ongoing is OYMP [One Year More Poems] from poet Born Before, with one chapbook (8 or 9 poems, each chapbook) self-published. 
This Wednesday, 2014, May, 29, Chapbook/week 22, “Jack Raymond: New Poems” is due. Poet will publish this for $1.00.
For now, hold tight -- Chapbook #21, “SufiC: New Poems”, is available now. Poems and a photograph from artist Kyra Kitts.
*Also, join is in about-4-weeks time for another poetry reading at San Luis Obispo Museum of Art, 1010 Broad St. in SLO. Poets to be announced soon; the reading begins at 7:00 p.m. and is Friday, June 20th.*
-Notes by Director

Monday, May 19, 2014

"SplaY: New Poems" / New poetry by B. Biesek

New poetry
by B. Biesek
(Born Child/
“SplaY: New Poems”
4 poems chapbook
2014, May 

Produced in May 2014, “SplaY: New Poems” offers new poems and print chapbook from emergent poet B. Biesek (Born Before, soon Born Child). The poems speak to a sense of splay with language, more and more this is the poet’s self-described aesthetic, as is the book design's aesthetic. 4 pp, 8.5"x11", first edition of 15 copies. 

Signed 1st edition ($15, includes S&H; limit 5): Purchase here
Unsigned 1st edition ($12, includes S&H; limit 10): Purchase here

Friday, May 9, 2014

Poets Sought

Are you interested in being a featured poet through New Theorem press? We would love to have you; contact via [].
-Note by Director, updated May 25, 2014